Faber Residency & ¿Improvisamos?
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Faber Residency & ¿Improvisamos?

In October 2020 I did a residency at Faber Llull (Olot, Girona) to move forward with the idea of the project ¿Improvisamos? ("Shall we improvise?"). The result of the residency was a proposal for 6 sessions, which took place between January and March 2021. New ideas emerged and, especially, the desire to continue improvising!

Faber Residency, Olot (Girona). October, 2020

2020 was my first year of artistic residencies. First at Konvent and then my individual residency at Faber Llull, where I applied to continue with the project ¿Improvisamos?

It was 5 days in Olot (a small town in the northeast of Spain) an ideal place to disconnect and at the same time to reconnect with myself and to continue evolving ideas.

These days helped me to land on a lot of the ideas that had been emerging over the year. I was also able to revisit many of the recommendations from the Teaching as art course and better define where I wanted to explore further in relation to art, education and technology.

I was lucky that the Sismògraf dance festival was rescheduled for the days of my residency. I had been wanting to go back for three years!

Ívides - Ívida Cynara
Blue monday - Agnés Sales & Héctor plaza

In addition, as part of the residency at Faber, I was at the Art and Design School of Olot, sharing projects related to art and technology with the students of the first year of high school. At first they were not at all participative. They had just started their first year of high school, in the middle of the pandemic. But in the end they did a small exercise in groups, where they thought of different proposals linked to the examples they had seen before. They came up with some very innovative ideas!

Outcome of the residency: ¿Improvisamos? January-March at EART

I returned from Olot looking forward to creating and sharing all the ideas that had come up during those days. It was then that I got back in touch with Experimentem amb l'art (EART), as I felt it was the ideal place to start experimenting with these meetings open to improvisation.

I proposed 6 sessions every 15 days, for 3 months. With the idea of offering an open space and that whoever could and whoever wanted to join could come every session. Without any commitment, just with the desire to come and share.

Each session was different, in some we just sat in the courtyard and talked, in others we focused on a theme (as was the session on audiovisual innovation), we also played games and visited an exhibition.

I was delighted to see new faces interested in the proposal. I have also discovered people who are trying to offer activities closely related: spaces or events where people from different disciplines can come together, with different points of view, so that they can create and add up together.

CWe agree that, in the current context, spaces like these that allow us to meet new people and "let go" are very necessary.

Different people participated in each session, some of them more than once. It was a meeting point where we could also discover inspiring projects, new places in the city and share knowledge.

Very happy to have been able to start these sessions and looking forward to continue!

If you want to know when the next sessions and activities of ¿Improvisamos? will be held, you can follow this account Instagram :)