Sismògraf 2017
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Sismògraf 2017

Sismògraf is a dance festival that takes place in the streets, parks, squares and theaters of the city of Olot (Girona, Spain). This year's edition has been on April 20, 21, 22 and 23. During the days of the festival, the streets of Olot are filled with music, dance and many emotions, as well as parallel activities related to the theme of the festival.

Enough reasons to escape from the city, disconnect and enjoy a weekend full of dancing. What I liked the most about the festival was how they take advantage of the different corners of the city to show a wide variety of shows, bringing dance to a very wide audience.

On Saturday I didn't want to miss the "Sismohop", at Plaza Mayor, where performed: Diego Sinniger, Aina&Arias, CIA. Yugen, Chey Jurado and Iron Skulls, presented by Guille Vidal-Ribas. Each one of them performed different street dance pieces. It was curious for me to observe that, more and more, the huge influence of contemporary dance in most of these street dance shows.

Shortly after, near the Plaza Mayor, Brodas-Kukai were performing their piece "Topa" by Brodas-Kukai, they mixed traditional Basque dance and street dance.
At the end of the day, I didn't want to go to sleep without missing "Mulïer" by Maduixa company. I think the pictures say it all:
Sunday, the last day of the festival, began with a tour at Parc Nou where you could see performances by: Mal Pelo, La Intrusa, Diego Sinniger, Gero Domínguez, Lucía Marote and CSD de l'Institut del Teatre.
Diego Sinniger – Dis-Connect
Gero Domínguez – El Afilaó
Lucía Marote – Downtango
Looking forward for the next edition! :)