Artistic Residency at Konvent
Artistic Residency at Konvent. Tech. Art. AV.
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Artistic Residency at Konvent

Two weeks at Konvent, together with Laia Ros. A very inspiring space, where we were able to share creative processes while exploring new ways of telling stories.

A choral chronicle of the first months of the pandemic

The consequences of the pandemic caused by the new SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus have been global. But every collective experience is shaped by individual stories and by the experiences of diverse communities.

This installation gives voice to several people from Berguedà (Catalonia, Spain) to explain how this exceptional situation has influenced their emotional state in the first moments of the crisis. We bring together their portraits and their stories to build a testimony about the effects that the pandemic had on their individual lives and, at the same time, on the collective history.

To capture this experience we decided to record only the voice, the audio of the interviews. We then edited these audios to build a single narrative with the different voices. We also took photographs of the interviewees and constructed a mural. Finally, we illuminated each of the portraits in synchrony with the voice of each one of them.

This format that we experimented with during our residency is still in development. We want to continue exploring its narrative possibilities.

Sharing moments

We arrived in Berga on 24th August and began our residency discovering all the nooks and crannies and the works hidden among the ruins that form part of this incredible space.

What made this experience special was the fact that we were able to share those two weeks with other artists from different disciplines. Sharing frustrations, each in their own process, and at the same time, the gratifying results we were obtaining. In the middle of a pandemic, it was very inspiring to reconnect with those processes and, above all, to share in an environment where we felt completely free.

Very happy to have discovered the creations of Delete D (Edu & Magui), Paula Calavera & Federica Furbelli, Mabel Olea & Guillem Font and Pablo Selnik & Álex Reviriego.

Delete D - Experimenting with sound
Work in progress of Federica Furbelli and the mural of Paula Calavera
Rehersal of Mabel Olea performance with Guillem Font controlling lights and sound.
Pablo Selnik, Álex Reviriego, Celeste Alías Borjas y Marta Valero during the rehersal of Inhumankind.

And also super grateful to all the people who are part of Konvent and make you feel like you are at home from the moment you arrive until the last day :)

We took with us a very positive energy during those two weeks and we are looking forward to return soon!!!