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Collaboration with Bárbara Prada for her project "Appropriation & Reapproapiation", presented during the Wunderkammer Festival at CC Strombeek (Brussels).

Picture by: Laia Ros

With this project Barbara reflects on the drive of industrialism and how it will influence our human relationship with, and attachment to, the identity and history of the natural world.

Together with José Salatino, we helped Barbara creating this "mini-drones"/"bee clones". At the beginning Barbara suggest a really big challenge for us. She came with amazing references of Autonomous Flying Microrobots that different researchers had developed. She wanted to explore if it was possible to recreate those "creatures" using DIY technology and bio materials.

We started the process trying to replace some of these microrobots. Of course, we weren't able to achive that they fly and that super tiny size they have. But the process was super interesting!

We end up creating three versions: one was a clone of a bee that already existed, another one was a new that José design and the third one was a DIY version that we found online.