Lost in Geson
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Lost in Geson

Max is lost in Geson. The only thing he has is the last recordings of Joseph Peterson. Max isn't alone; there are more abandoned robots like him, but there's one bigger than all of them: the builder robot. It seems that the robots are planning to reunite with their owners, and the builder is creating a fascinating structure that rises from the ground and touches the sky.

The Game

Lost in Geson it was the result of the video games course in the final year of the Multimedia Engineering degree. We created an innovative game mechanic based on 2D and 3D views.

In addition to implementing the game, we also created the entire narrative and cinematics.

The beta version developed during the course can be downloaded from the platform itch.io.


In this project, my main task was the development and integration of the interface, both for the game and the menus (GUI & HUD). I also worked on the animations for the main character. Additionally, I participated in the level implementation, specifically in a system to streamline the implementation of the game's mobile platforms.

Created together with Eduard Tejero, Marc Ferrandiz, Janire Sarabia, Ian Magarzo and Sergi Navarro.