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¿Improvisamos? Capellades

New Trends offers its space for improvisation. A multidisciplinary day to share a space for opinion, experimentation and learning.

Video game workshop by Àlex Cordón. Picture by: Laia Ros

I'm starting a new personal project... and it's taking form! After thinking about it for a long time, I decided in September to start with something I have in my mind and I have yet to discover for myself what it can become.

I decided to gather friends and colleagues who I thought might be interested in the proposal and to prepare a kind of workshop to share knowledge. To narrow it down a bit, I focused on four themes: theatre, video games, VJ and video mapping.


"New Trends offers its space to make room for improvisation. A multidisciplinary day to share a space for opinion, experimentation and learning. We propose different sessions: theatre, video games, VJ (video-jockey) and video mapping. We will have professionals from these sectors who will share their experience, which will be the starting point for all those interested to contribute with their proposals. At the end of the sessions in each of the fields, we propose a free session where you can apply everything you have learnt during the day and start to combine these disciplines".


I start from a very abstract idea, an idea in which many things are mixed together, but to begin with I wanted it to be something quite informal and for everyone to be encouraged to improvise.

In the month prior to the event, as I talked to the people who helped me prepare for the event, some very interesting conversations and reflections emerged.

We shared a space between very different profiles: engineers, artists (visual arts, performing arts...), designers, teachers, journalists... And yet, on 7 September, an atmosphere of reflection and listening was created, in which we discovered the commonalities of each of these disciplines in each of the workshops.

Video Mapping and VJ workshop by Sara Montoya & Heidi Valda. Picture by: Laia Ros

It ended up being about five hours. There was a lot of content and we ran out of time to really experiment and come up with a proposal that mixed all the disciplines.

Theater workshop by Joel Ayelo. Picture by: Laia Ros

Personally it was very enriching from the beginning, when I shared it with the people closest to me, when we started to think about what could be done in each workshop and above all on the day itself when I saw that something else could come out of it 🙂

I am still working on THE idea and I hope we can repeat it soon!