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Geografies Quotidianes

"Daily Geographies" (from the Catalan Geografies Quotidianes) is a community and artistic project that collectively explores the knowledge, daily routines and experiences of the neighbourhoods of La Salut, El Coll, Gràcia and Vallcarga in the Gràcia district of Barcelona.

From March to June 2021 we distributed posters with different questions throughout the district of Gràcia. With the aim of activating the participation of the neighbours, so that they can share their experiences in the streets of the different neighbourhoods of the district.

We were interested in collecting those details of the daily life of the people who pass through these streets. Who they usually meet, the conversations between neighbours, their favourite smells, sounds, their routines, the places in the neighbourhood they visit the most...

To participate they could respond directly to the posters in the street, contact via whatsapp or on the project's blog. In addition, an Instagram filter was created to link different areas of the neighbourhood with the project's identity.

We also participate in different regular activities that take place in the different neighbourhoods, together with entities such as La Miranda Association, Casal de Barri Can Carol, Casal Cardener, Experimentem amb l'Art, among others.

We created this map, where we placed the different phrases we received from the neighbours. The main themes were: daily life and neighbourhood relations, significant spaces, memories and solidarity, neighbourhood struggles and demands, and the need for a more active participation of neighbours.

The design and facilitation of the project was carried out by Lo Relacional, the coordination by Desiré Rodrigo, the design, content creation and facilitation in the territory by Amaia Martín, Cèlia Soler & Flor Salatino.