Daniel "Cloud" Campos, what is going on?
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Daniel "Cloud" Campos, what is going on?

Dancer, director, scriptwriter, musician,... singer? It's been a long time since I've seen anything from Daniel "Cloud" Campos, and this week I saw that he had just released a video clip.

After watching it, I remembered why I liked him so much. He's one of those dancers who not only stands out for his choreography or the way he dances. I think the video is incredible: great shots, rhythm, humour, music... wait, is it his song? What a surprise!

It seems that the last thing he's doing is producing his first "musical/visual" album (as he calls it): "KNIGHT WALKER". I can't wait to see it all!

I'm not one to categorize any form of art. It’s an expression of oneself. Doing whatever it takes to express yourself is how you find yourself. I’m thankful to have found the style that represents me. Cloud style 🙂

— Daniel “Cloud” Campos – Freestyle session

2011, YouTube

He is one of many artists that I have as references for videos like this one: "The Music Box". It was the first video of his that I saw and I fell in love with it. Watching all his videos again, it's clear to me that he has his own essence, which he transmits in all his videos: his humour, choreographies, acrobatics, incredible musicality, musical composition, very careful photography, rhythm...

And not only that... When he released "Shiny" I couldn't believe it, such precise work on this video generating such a beautiful result... After watching this video it became clear to me that this guy is not just a choreographer and/or dancer.

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PS: it's worth taking a look at the stories on hisinstagram account.