Ai WeiWei: Human Flow
Ai WeiWei: Human Flow. Art.
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Ai WeiWei: Human Flow

“Art can go as far as it likes it knows no boundaries. At the moment my attitude is one of demonstration and protest. This protest is about upholding humanitarian principles.”

Today I wanted to share the film Human Flow by Ai WeiWei.

"The refugee issue is much bigger than we realize. There will be new wars or more places will dry up like in Kenya and then there will be more refugees since people won’t be able to live there anymore. And the wall that America wants to build along the Mexican border. All those things are based on narrow-minded political views, views based on excluding others."

"I think what I’m doing has an effect, it’s useful. But whether it helps the refugees, I just don’t know… I don’t know who can help them. This isn’t a single person, is many millons. Worlwide more than 60 million people have lost their homes and more are losing them every day."

"My art is like a voice for me. When I use it, it can be a song or a lament. When the meaning of art changes, we need to change the language"